1. You can drink it (hot).
  2. You can drink it (cold)
  3. If you drink it cold, you can make ice cubes out of it so when you make iced coffee the ice cubes won't dilute the flavor.
  4. You can eat the beans, one at a time. (Some people become addicted to this practice. A few beans can give you quite a caffeine jolt. Some beans flavored or coated to make chewing more enjoyable).
  5. You can cook with it (see recipes).
  6. You can barbecue with it; that is, you can smoke things with it as opposed to using it as an actual ingredient.
  7. You can grow it as a decorative indoor plant, and the Southwest and parts of the South ( where it doesn't frost) you can grow it outdoors. But don't expect to drink much; it won't produce a significant amount of cherries. Ask your local nursery if the sell coffee trees.
  8. You can use used and unused coffee grounds as soil enhancer for ferns and other acid-loving plants. The grounds preserve moisture well and encourage acetic-forming bacteria. Because of this blueberries and evergreens are especially fond of coffee grounds. (Be careful, though, what plants you feed with coffee. Ficus was nearly kill with coffee grounds, and camellias don't take kindly to the stuff either. Check with your nursery before using grounds on your prize orchids, or any other plant, for that matter.)
  9. You can use coffee grounds to keep insects, snails, and slugs away. This makes sense, as the caffeine in coffee supposedly acts as an insect repellent for the coffee tree and its cherries.
  10. You can use it as a dye for fabrics.
  11. You can use it to color Easter eggs, for nice natural look.
  12. You can stain a pipe with it. Gentlemen pipe smoker had a briar pipe that he loved, but hated the color. So he sanded it down and soaked it in strong, strong coffee for a few days and then let it dry out, baked it in a low oven, burned out the bowl with a mixture of sugar and other things, and it became his favorite pipe.
  13. You can paint with it. (Watercolor with your coffee when it gets cold!)
  14. The Japanese take a kind of mud bath in coffee grounds. ( Add sugar for a sweet life.)
  15. It has been said that coffee can be used as an enema. (Would that be decaf or regular?)
  16. In many countries, coffee once was used as currency. While that may not work today at Neiman Marcus, in the right circles it could be used in a game of poker.
  17. You can make a fortune selling it. (No guarantees.)
  18. You can lose a fortune selling it. ( Could almost guarantee that.)
  19. In Guatemala, and most likely in other countries as well, they make necklaces and bracelets from varnished roasted beans.
  20. You can philosophize while drinking it. (Voltaire drank seventy cups a day.)
  21. You can play jacks with the beans.
  22. No time to tan? Take a coffee dip. If your significant other loves coffee, this may have some pleasant side effects.
  23. You can write a book about it.

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