Leaf Grades:

Souchong: Bold, round leaves yielding somewhat pale liquors.
Pekoe: Leaves are shorter and less wiry than Ornage Pekoe, but the liquors often have more color.
Orange Pekoe: Thin, wiry leaves, sometimes with yellow "tip" (bud leaf). The liquors are somewhat pale.


Broken Grades:

Broken Pekoe Souchong : Larger than Broken Pekoe and paler in the cup. Often used as a filler in blends.
Broken Pekoe: More color in liquor than Broken Pekoe Souchong; often used as filler in blends.
Broken Orange Pekoe: Quite obviously smaller than leaf grades, it often contains tip, and yields liquors with good color and strength; consequently is much in demand for blends.
Fannings: In some grading systems, also known as Broken Ornage Pekoe Fannings. Much smaller than Broken Orange Pekoe. Gives quick brews with good color; consequently is also sought for blends.
Dust: The smallest grade produced, used for strong, quick-brewing blends.

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