As a single independent coffee store started in 1981 few people knew what gourmet coffee was or what it had to offer. There was no such thing as Kenya, Kona, French Roast, Mocha-Java or any other coffee by that name. The commercial brands that came in a can, that was all the coffee drinking public knew. Whole beans, and grinding the coffee at home, had no place in the kitchen. It took time to show people what a good cup coffee could really be.

The 6oo sq' store in the beginning offered a selection of whole coffee beans, that where roasted right in the store. Roasting was the secret to the Roasted Coffee Bean's success; and it still is today. Customers would come in watch as the roaster was running, turning the beans to that golden brown. After the roasting the customers would buy their coffee, take it home and brew up that fresh pot of hot delicious elixir. Knowing that special attention had been paid to the coffee made it that much better.

Roasting in-store gave the customer that feeling of being treated to a special offering found no where else. That gave them the treatment that they truly deserved as a buyer of premium coffee. It was like selecting from fine wines. Here were coffee beans from around world. Coffees from places that they never heard of; Yemen, Ethiopia, Celebes, Tanzania.

In the past years the store has moved to a new location, with 2000 sq.feet, in Cupertino. With greater visibility, higher foot traffic and with the addition of a Web site. Roasted Coffee Bean has come a long ways from its early beginnings. There is still the fine flavor of coffee beans roasted in the store and the great friendship that welcomes you at the door. The Roasted Coffee Bean has helped bring about a change of community by giving a place to meet and socialize with old and new friends alike. Coffee has become the fare for business meetings as well as an enjoyable beverage.

Over the years the Roasted Coffee Bean has seen a change grow up around the coffee house. People have come and gone, with some returning to their roots. The landscape has taken on a whole new perspective. Industries have change with the growing needs of the people. Some see this as good, others question and wonder why the past years have gone by so fast. The Roasted Coffee Bean has been at the center of all this in Silicone Valley offering up hospitality in a cup.

For those of you who come through Cupertino, stop in at the Roasted Coffee Bean and say hi.


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